Power lithium battery complete kit 12V 10Ah

High performance battery based on a soul of Lithium Ion cells of the highest quality, Power kit presents this product under the criteria of maximum efficiency and utility with a weight of only 650 gr you can take it anywhere. The main characteristics are its lightness, safety, durability and reliability, which together with its resistance to the marine environment (waterproof) make it one of the best options on the market.

Kit Content:
1 - Portable Battery
1 - Smart charger
1 - Battery cover
1 - Connector cable to device
2 - Watertight connectors
1 - Heat Shrink Sleeve

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All Power Kit Batteries are duly tested and verified. They are designed for use in all types of sports and work spaces. With this Powe kit you will be able to feed continuously and with a proven duration:

Sodas - Plotter - GPS - Video and photographic cameras - Mobile phones - Tablets and Ipad among other devices.

It is fully compatible with any Brand or Model of Sonar or Echosounder Lowrance, Garmin, Simrad, Humminbird, Raymarine, Eagle, etc.

Its internal cells and protection system are safe from bad weather in a silicone-based cover completely sealed and wrapped in a portable case that will allow you to carry it without fear of getting it wet, its wiring is totally watertight thanks to the use of joints and threaded connectors last generation.

Weight (gr) 650.
Measurements (cm): 7.5 x 7.5 x 6.0
Output voltage (V): 12
Maximum recharge time (h): 6 (depending on the consumption made)

Example on a Lowrance Elite-5 Ti with Mid/High/DownScan transducer under normal conditions is greater than 15 hours of uninterrupted use.

Calculating the autonomy is very simple, you must divide the capacity by the consumption of your electronic equipment and you will get the hours of use. Keep in mind to put amps (10ah) or milliamps (10,000mah) to do the calculation correctly.

We recommend the use of a protection fuse before connecting our device and fully charging the Power kit before use, as well as not leaving it fully charged if we anticipate long periods of inactivity. The charger can be left on even after being fully charged as it has a protection system, but it is not recommended to leave it on for long periods of inactivity

It is recommended to clean the connectors after use, especially in salt water.


You will need to consider the polarity, RED (+) and BLACK (-) when connecting the device to the battery.
The Power Kit must be fully charged before first use.


1. Cut the heat shrink strip in the center and pass each of the cables through it, leaving enough cable to work comfortably.
2. Our connection cable is previously stripped leaving part of the end unsheathed, do the same with the cable of the device to be connected in approximately the same length, winding the strands of the cable to prevent part from coming out when inserting it into the splice connector .
3. Be clear which cable is positive (+) and negative (-) of the device before moving on to the next point, generally BLACK is (-) and RED (+)
4. Put the stripped end of the cable on each of the ends of the splice connector, ensuring that the internal central metal part touches the ends of both cables, using pliers, tighten this central metal part, leaving the cables fixed to it, once done first repeat the operation with the other cable.
5. Pass a heat source (a simple lighter is enough) from the center out evenly on each of the splice connectors until the tube conforms to the cable and wait for it to cool down before proceeding to the next step.
6. Put the piece of heat shrink covering the connector completely and reapply heat to this second layer of protection, leaving the joint completely sealed to avoid moisture ingress that would shorten the life of our Power Kit.


Not following the instructions for use or assembly properly can cause damage to the Power Kit, connected equipment or even serious personal injury.
Never use another charger than the one supplied. (risk of damage and/or fire)
Although the Power Kit is moisture resistant, under no circumstances should it be submerged.
The nominal delivery capacity of the Power kit is 5A with peaks up to 10A. Using it for higher consumption could irreversibly damage the Power Kit and even cause damage or fire.


Power Kit is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one year according to the Law on the sale of consumer goods 23 of July 10, 2003.
Damage caused by improper use of the product, physical damage or wear and tear is excluded from the warranty.
The durability of this product is calculated at approx 500 charge / discharge cycles.
The use of this product in extreme temperature conditions significantly shortens performance.

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